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How the assignment was created

category: Competition
published: 1. 3. 2020

This Competition Brief was created by a working group, operating under the guidance of the competition organizer, ONplan planning consultants, and Palivový kombinát Ústí representatives. The working group comprised of the council board members of the statutory city of Ústí nad Labem, the cities of Chabařovice, Trmice, the municipality of Řehlovice, representatives of the Ústí Region and other invited experts on topics related to spatial development.
Also involved in the preparation of the Competition Brief were representatives of associations and stakeholders, municipalities in the wider area, authorities, and other regional stakeholders. Public needs were identified, and a public consultation was held on the Competition Brief draft. The formulation of the shared vision for Lake Milada area, definition of competition scope and assignments and site information presented in this Competition Brief are thus the result of an inclusive collaborative process.

Composition of the working group:
PKÚ, s.e.Deputy Director of PKÚ, s.e. Petr Kubiš
Jan Vondruška
Ústí RegionOndřej Beneš
Jan Harciník
Jaroslava Kuszniruková
Iva Tomešová
Statutory city of Ústí nad LabemMayor Petr Nedvědický
Eva Fialová
Vladimír Charvát
Klára Uličná
Town of ChabařoviceMayor Josef Kusebauch
Josef Förster
Monika Stará
Town of TrmiceDeputy Mayor Tomáš Kupec
ŘehloviceMayor Jana Princová
ExpertsLadislav Komrska
Václav Beran

the record of the 1st and 2nd meeting with the consultation group and the public can be downloaded here