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Competition terms

category: Competition
published: 24. 2. 2019

Competition type

The competition is announced as a limited two-phase landscape, urban and architectural design project.

Competition language

The competition is announced and shall be conducted in Czech and English.
The competition application, including the reference works portfolio, and all the parts of the competition proposal in the competition's 1st and 2nd phases, shall be produced in Czech and in English.

Awards and expense reimbursements

Total for awards and expense reimbursementsCZK 3,875,000
Expense reimbursement in the competition's 1st phase per teamCZK 175,000
Awards in the competition's 2nd phase1st place
CZK 1,250,000

2nd place
CZK 950,000

3rd place
CZK 625,000

Competition team composition requirements

For more details, see Section 5 of the Competition Conditions.

The participant must prove that there is at least one person in the competition team:

  • with authorisation in the field of landscape architecture,
  • with authorisation in the field of spatial planning,
  • with authorisation in the field of architecture.

Due to the scope of the competition, we recommend expanding the competition team with experts in the following fields:

  • strategic planning and local economic development,
  • transport planning,
  • sociology, social geography, or related fields,
  • hydrology, water management,
  • environmental impact assessment, landscape character assessment, area biological assessment, etc.

Competition applications

For more details, see Section 6 of the Competition Conditions.

The following documents shall be submitted electronically via E-ZAK, the contracting authority's electronic tool:

  • statutory declaration using the PF2 template
  • statutory declaration using the PF3 template + simple copies of authorisation documents (per requirements stipulated in Section 5.2 of the Competition Conditions), university degrees, and a structured curriculum vitae proving the achieved work experience (according to the recommendations stipulated in Section 5.3 of the Competition Conditions)
  • reference project portfolio

Portfolio of reference projects

Portfolio of reference projects shall include:

  • at least 2 reference projects (commissioned) of high urban and landscape design quality, which are related to the scope of the competition and are, as recommended, of minimum 5 km² area,
  • at least 2 projects (commissioned) of high architectural, landscape and artistic quality, which are related to the scope of the competition.

For every project, the basic information, brief proposal annotation, professional approach to the project description and how such professional approach was applied in the competition proposal preparation or in the processing of any subsequent competition contracts must be provided.

Attachments to download

The full Competition Terms can be downloaded here