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Competition brief and documentation

category: Competition
published: 26. 2. 2019


Apart from the competition site, which mostly corresponds with the land administered by PKÚ, s.e., an area of interest as well as a wider area have been roughly defined.

a) Competition site – Lake Milada in respect to local context

The competition site primarily includes land administered by PKÚ, the Chabařovice steel mill, and connected land owned by the town of Chabařovice. Aside from land ownership, the area is also defined by a terrain depression that creates space with a certain level of intimacy despite the proximity of nearby settlements. The competition site defined in this way is minimal. It is possible if the contestants find this useful to extend the site.

b) Area of interest – Lake Milada in respect to microregional context

The area of interest is roughly demarcated to the edges of the neighbouring settlements – Ústí nad Labem, Chabařovice, Modlany, Věšťany, Suché, Řehlovice and Trmice. These boundaries represent the minimal microregional context. If the contestants consider it useful to address the microregional context of Lake Milada to a larger extent, it is possible. Settlements included in the area of interest will not form a direct part of the competition site, but the relationship between the Lake Milada site and those settlements needs to be addressed intensively.

c) Wider area – Lake Milada in relation to the regional context

Lake Milada is situated between the large cities of Ústí nad Labem and Teplice, on the boundary between the Ore Mountains and the Central Bohemian Highlands. It is part of the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin (also called the Most basin). It is located near the North-West Prague-Berlin corridor (D8 motorway, railway) of pan-European importance, and the Elbe River with the Elbe transregional bike route. The area is close to a planned new station of the Prague-Berlin high-speed railway.


When solving the concept of the area around Lake Milada, a number of topics need to be addressed. These are defined and briefly described in the Competition Brief, for each topic, basic tasks to be solved are defined.

Participants will address the following topics in their proposals:

  • Development strategy of the area
  • The history of the place
  • Nature and landscape
  • Recreation, sport and tourism
  • Redevelopment or newly buildable areas for housing and services
  • Do Transport services in the area
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Public spaces
  • Architectural, landscape, artistic and other interventions in the area


In the 1st phase, the competing teams will primarily deal with the area of interest. Settlements of the area of interest are not part of the competition site, however, it is necessary to address the interaction of the area around Lake Milada with these settlements intensively.

In the 1st phase, the competing teams shall submit:

  • spatial vision and development strategy of the area of interest,
  • integration of the vision of the area of interest into the broader context,
  • detailed design of the spatial and functional organization of two areas within the competition site – a part of the eastern bank of the lake and another part of the competition site selected by the competing team, the emphasis should be on the landscape design of these areas,
  • concept of one architectural, landscaping, artistic or other intervention in the area of interest.

Competition entries in the 1st phase of the competition should demonstrate the basic principles of the solutions of individual topics of the assignment (see Scope of the Competition). At the same time, teams should fulfil the principles of the Shared Vision of the Lake Milada area, respect the values and limits of the area and the principles of sustainable regional development.


In the 2nd phase, the competing teams will primarily deal with the competition site.

In the 2nd phase, the competing teams shall submit:

  • a concept of the area of interest with the demarcation of functional areas and their basic functional and spatial layout resolution,
  • a development strategy of the competition site, including development phasing
  • integration of the concept of the competition site into the broader context of the area of interest
  • a more detailed resolution of the functional and spatial layout of specific buildable areas (their selection will be specified in the invitation to the 2nd phase of the competition)
  • the concept for placement of architectural (artistic, landscaping) interventions in the area and detailed resolution of one specific intervention
  • a proposal of the most important principles of the creation of public spaces, which should be part of the future

Design manual of the area

Competition proposals in the 2nd phase of the contest should contain work-in-progress concepts of the resolutions of individual themes of the assignment (see Scope of the Competition). They should contribute to the implementation of the shared vision of the Lake Milada area and shall respect the values and limits of the area and principles of sustainable area development.

Site information

The Competition Brief is supplemented by a summary of information about the territory, its history, present and partly also the future.

Competition documentation

Competition documentation will be made available to the Competition participants of the 1st phase of the competition after declaring an agreement with the Contracting Authority regarding the protection of the rights to this documentation.

The full Competition Brief can be downloaded here
(white, print version)